Foreign clients invest in the safety of Ukrainian roads – we help them along the way

January 2020

– Vitalii Vlasiuk
On January 31, 2020, Bolt, the renowned European online operator for passenger transportation, announced the beginning of cooperation with the State Highway Agency of Ukraine. According to the Government portal, the cooperation will address such socially important topics as traffic safety, a culture of behavior on the roads, environmental cleanliness on the roadside and the overall condition of Ukrainian roads.
Bolt made its first attempt to gain a foothold in the Ukrainian market in 2018. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. This time the investor has chosen ePravo Law Firm to be its legal partner. There is a number of challenges our team of professional lawyers faced in this case:

problematic issues with intellectual property;


ambitious plans of the investor to build the most profitable business model;


try to apply a share economy in Ukraine.

At the same time, it was necessary to overcome obstacles in currency regulation and to avoid tax and other risks.

“It is safe to say now that Bolt has made the transition from novice to leader in just two years. Often the services offered by the company to its clients are innovative and require non-standard legal solutions. We, for our part, are doing our utmost to ensure that legal support provided by ePravo Law Firm helps Bolt to feel confident in the legal field of Ukraine, to create new perspectives and opportunities for the company,” – says Vitalii Vlasiuk, Managing Partner at ePravo Law Firm.

The agreement on cooperation with the state agency is in line with the public sector strategy to expand the range of innovative international companies. However, the detailing of such arrangements requires legal professional elaboration. In particular, there is a team of legal practitioners in tax law, corporate law and intellectual property protection, involved in the project on behalf of ePravo Law Firm.

“Bolt’s cooperation with state authorities and self-government bodies is an indicator of the company’s responsibility, which not only aims to make a profit, but also contributes to the socio-economic development of the country,” emphasizes Taras Guk, the project’s chief lawyer. Noteworthy is the recently announced joint project with Ukravtodor and the recent launch of scooter sharing. “It will be the first sharing service of scooters in Ukraine!”, – Taras stresses.

A lot of fun and challenging work ahead, stay tuned!

Let’s work together!