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Briefly about the service

Businesses don’t have to face challenges without help. Like wolves working together to bring down an elk, we’re here to help our wolf pack by providing quality outsourcing services.

Legal outsourcing is a range of services on conducting the enterprise affairs starting from consulting to concluding deals. We take everything on ourselves, we study every case in detail and find a fitting personalised solution.

An in-house lawyer does not always have all the answers. Unfamiliarity and workload can lead to misunderstandings, negatively impact the final result, and misjudge potential rivals.

We constantly cooperate with foreign companies and work in many foreign jurisdictions. So we are able to handle any challenge you present us with.

Our services include:
24/7 legal support
– We provide legal support services for company operations on a daily basis.
– Oral or written legal advice in different fields of law.
– Solving labour disputes within the company.
– Analysis of company activities.
– Work with state authorities.

Lawyers and attorneys
– There is no longer a need for a staff lawyer, we can assign a specific employee to your company.
– Development and filing of complaints, petitions, claims, lawsuits.
– Representation and defense in court.

Business activities.
– We can determine the amount of work needed for your business with a specific number of hours per lawyer.
– Registration of your company’s trademark.
– Support for corporate changes, drafting of documents of title, contracts.

5 reasons to order our services

Quick response

We set up secure and easy communication channels, no need to wait for emails. In our secure chat message we will provide a response within the hour, no later.

High-profile clients

Each of our clients can attest that we can be trusted with complex and challenging projects both locally and internationally.

Strategic and creative thinking

We keep up with legal trends and new knowledge from practitioners, industries, and businesses. We can see the bigger picture in your query and defend your position fully.

Attention to detail

Our attention to details gives clients confidence. This ensures a strong position in any case.

Flexibility and strength

We are flexible to help our clients in their needs and solid in the position we defend for them.

Why should you select Epravo for your legal needs?


We specialize in several niche fields in the law in our firm.


We keep up to date on progress and are ready to discuss the issues at any time.


We keep up to a strict deontological code of social and human principles.


We are active in initiatives like Stop Bullying, Parking Heroes or Lawyers for the Environment because we do not tolerate injustice in any form and give back to the community.


We have a large base of happy clients and references that we can share to prove our excellent work.


We have our finger on the pulse of current trends and technologies, and know how to use them for the benefit of our clients.

More about the service

Legal outsourcing is a set of services to support your business, which is provided by a law firm on a regular basis.

It is suitable for both large and small companies and includes a range of services for the conduct of business, from consultations to legal support of agreements. Legal outsourcing is a quick and beneficial alternative to in-house lawyers.

The main advantages of legal outsourcing:
– 24/7 legal support which allows you to promptly resolve any legal issues;
– cost savings because you do not pay an in-house lawyer;
– individual approach as we can assign a dedicated employee to your company;
– an extensive practical experience as we provide our services not only to large organizations all over Ukraine but also abroad and pay attention even to minor details;
– full service since we can represent your interests in any area of jurisprudence;
– we are always aware of the latest legislative changes;
– no risk of confidential information leakage. We keep all data safe and protect you from any third party. We are proud to have the confidence of our current client base and will provide references and testimonials of our work.

Types of legal outsourcing
1. One-time service when a lawyer needs to perform a specific task.
2. Subscriber service when a lawyer continuously provides legal support. The amount of the work is set in advance.

We can work at your location or remotely for either type of service you contract.

Legal outsourcing helps to cover the following issues:
– oral or written legal advice;
– solving labour disputes within the company;
– full analysis of the company’s activities;
– drawing up contracts, employer’s acts and other legal documents;
– development and filing of complaints, petitions, claims, and lawsuits;
– representation and defense in court.

We are interested in the success of each of our clients, so we always see cases through. We provide legal assistance to small private enterprises and large organizations all over Ukraine and internationally while paying attention even to minor details.

We guarantee only safe solutions. We dont give outsiders any chance.

Vitalii Vlasiuk

Vitalii Vlasiuk

Managing partner | Founder

(10 years of experience)

+38 044 235-04-44

Vladyslav Vlasiuk

Vladyslav Vlasiuk

Managing partner | Founder

(10 years of experience)

+38 044 235-04-44

Taras Guk

Taras Guk

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Private Clients

Mariia Lekh

Mariia Lekh

Lawyer | Corporate & Tax Law, Migration

 Volodymyr Skrynnyk

Volodymyr Skrynnyk

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, Labor law, IP, Private Clients

Iryna Rybak

Iryna Rybak

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Private Clients

Andrii Bosiuk

Andrii Bosiuk

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, criminal law, administrative law

Anastasiia Kyiashko

Anastasiia Kyiashko

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, IT law, Business relations (commercial and civil law)

Veronika Yevtushenko

Veronika Yevtushenko

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, criminal law, migration law

Nazar Kozeletskyi

Nazar Kozeletskyi

Lawyer | Dispute Resolution, criminal law, administrative law, corporate law

Legal services Epravo

Legal support for IT companies

We offer prompt, comprehensive, and high-quality legal support for IT companies. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the industry updates. We have extensive experience with projects in English. Whether it is a programming language issue or specific terminology problem, our IT lawyer will take your hint.

Antitrust and competition law

We advise on compliance with antitrust law and appeal against the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the actions of competitors. Our lawyers quickly develop effective custom solutions for each situation rather than follow common patterns.

Corporate law

Corporate law is a legal foundation of any business. Our team of lawyers works to optimize each client’s corporate structure. We conduct professional legal consultations not only on business issues but also on optimization of taxation, labor law, and other related matters.

Legal services for individuals

We provide professional consultations not only to legal entities but also to individuals. We draw up various types of legal documents such as contracts, applications, complaints, claims, summonses, etc. We consult individuals on all legal issues.

Protection of intellectual property

We protect intellectual property not only of Ukrainian but also of foreign clients. Our lawyers help to register copyrights on your intellectual activity in a comprehensive and qualitative manner, and our attorneys will protect them in case of violation.

Intellectual law

Just like other types of property, intellectual property should be protected from unauthorized infringement. Our clients constantly contact us asking to protect their intellectual rights. We will help in any aspect of this process, from advice on registration to the entire process of registration. We take into account the industry specifics when working on the projects.


A license is a document giving you the right to legally engage in entrepreneurial activities. For the state it is a tool of control used to set mandatory requirements for all players. Our lawyers will eagerly consult you and collect the necessary documents.


We represent clients in Ukrainian courts of all instances as well as have experience in international judicial institutions.

Tax structuring

We help to better regulate expenses of a company and reduce risks during any inspection by tax authorities. This allows our clients to avoid conflicts with controlling bodies and to concentrate on the company’s development. We have hundreds of successful tax structuring and dispute resolution cases in our practice.

Legal outsourcing

Legal outsourcing is a fast and profitable alternative to in-house lawyers. We cover all the aspects of legal outsourcing, from consultations and up to the conclusion of transactions.

Legal and tax consulting

We have extensive experience in legal and tax consulting. We effectively help businesses with tax legislation. We conduct consultations on tax optimization, tax planning, and risk analysis. We sort out all questions so that you can avoid problems with control authorities.

Real estate

We help to carry out a thorough analysis, remove seizure or close a real estate transaction. Our lawyers attentively study the legislation and react to the slightest changes in the legal field. This allows us to be one step ahead and efficiently protect our clients.


Sometimes clients are unaware of real estate, construction and land issues. This causes various fraud schemes. That is why it is crucial to know whom to contact for legal assistance. We provide full legal support for businesses during the construction of residential and commercial real estate.

Land law

Land is one of the most investment attractive segments on the market. It is related to plenty of questions and attention from competitors and controlling authorities. Comprehensive approach of our lawyers allows us to take into account all the risks and prepare a reliable defense. We know how to successfully conduct a sale and purchase transaction, privatize an object, and dispute the rights.

Migration law

We facilitate the procedure of entry and exit of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine. We can help with the registration of the place of residence and obtaining a visa. We have been working with the representatives of foreign companies and nonresident individuals for many years.

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